Rome Treasure Hunt

Discover Rome — the eternal city, where at each step you will find the 2000 years old traces of the ancient Romans imprinted in the stone. Explore the most emblematic parts of the city as well as its hidden gems!

Where to start Rome Treasure Hunt:

Enjoy the game points in some of the fabulous Roman neighborhoods:

  • Trevi district
  • Central area of Piazza Venezia and Fori Imperiali (Roman Forum)
  • Pigna
  • Parione
  • Colonna district with famous Spanish Steps
  • Gothic Rome

You can pretty much start your scavenger hunt in Rome from anywhere you want! Start our treasure hunt in Rome near the neighborhood’s main metro stations (Rome has 2 main metro lines: A and B) or central squares. Here are the best locations to start the Roman treasure hunt:

  • To discover Trevi área — Trevi fountain, The Stables of Quirinale, Capuchin crypt (10.00-19.00 opening hours), Marco Aurelio column
  • To discover central area of Piazza Venezia and Fori Imperiali (Roman Forum) — Bonaparte palace,Venice Square, Imperial Forum
  • To discover Pigna área — Ancient Roman theatre ruins (crypta Balbi: opening hours 11.00-18.00), Collegio Romano,Palazzo de Carolis.
  • To discover Colonna area with Spanish Steps – Basilica di San Lorenzo in Lucina, Spanish steps, Roman shopping mall, Doria Pamphili Gallery
  • To discover Gothic Rome — Basilica di Santa Maria sopra Minerva,Church of the Sacro Cuore del Suffragio.


Choose the number of Teams:


Choose 90 min access if you want to participate in a fun city game and compare the results with other teams. You will have to complete the maximum number of challenges in 90 min in order to achieve the highest score! A real escape room on the street!

Choose the 24 hours access if you want to discover Rome at your own pace and learn its history, legends and interesting facts and visit a lot of cool places – as if you were walking with a guide. You can do as many stops as you want – at restaurants, museums, shops, etc.

Choose a customized event if you want to organize a great company teambuilding in Rome, corporate event or school outing. We will prepare a perfect event for you!


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