Madrid Treasure Hunt

Explore the world around you! We have a great collection of interesting sights — with city monuments, graffiti and street art, modernist or medieval buildings, and churches. History combined with curious riddles and fun challenges. Rediscover your city!

Where to start the treasure hunt in Madrid:

Right now we have game points in several neighborhoods of Madrid:

  • Asturias
  • Sol
  • Letras
  • Chueca
  • Lavapiés

You can start to play anywhere you want! Start near neighborhood main metro stations or central squares. Here are the best locations to start Madrid scavenger hunt with lots of waypoints around:

From the city centre to anywhere you want — Plaza de Sol, Plaza Mayor, Callao 

To discover Asturias — Plaza de Oriente

For la Chueca — metro Alonso Martinez

For Lavapies — Plaza Cascorro


Choose the number of Teams:


Find the best hidden gems in the center of Madrid, wandering around the neighborhoods of Asturias, Sol and Letras.

Choose 90 min access if you want to participate in a fun city game and compare the results with other teams. You will have to complete the maximum number of challenges in 90 min in order to achieve the highest score! A real escape room on the street!

Choose the 24 hours access if you want to discover the city at your own pace and learn its history, legends and interesting facts and visit a lot of cool places – as if you were walking with a guide. You can do as many stops as you want – at restaurants, museums, shops, etc.

Choose a customized event if you want to organize a great company teambuilding, corporate event, or school outing in Madrid. We will prepare a perfect event for you!

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1,5h, 24h


English, Spanish